20171015 Notre Dame College – Salem University 2-0

Saturday 14th of October my wife Sophie and I arrived in Cleveland, Ohio, and Sunday 15th of October we saw the first live game of the Salem International Tigers with our son Sjoerd Schobbers in South Euclid, Ohio. Before the game we had the possibility to shoot a team photo:

20171015 Notre Dame College - Salem University 2-0 img 001
          Click on this photo to see all photos of the game

Weather started windy and within a few minutes there was a heavy rain shower.
Despite this we had a very good time, although it was not possible to win this game for the Tigers.
For the game recap please check out the following link: http://siutigerpride.com/news/2017/10/16/mens-soccer-loses-to-notre-dame-college.aspx?path=msoc
We loved meeting with everybody. Thanks guys for being so nice, I expect you will do EVERYTHING to get to the following round!!!

Do you want to download photo’s for yourself, for Facebook or ?? You can and you may, please check here how to do this. Please contact me if there are any remaining questions.

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