Hello World!!!

Yes!!! After some hard work the first version of the new website for my photos is online.
I started 5-6 years ago with Flickr until they changed the site drastically and I really had the urge to move. My second home was Ipernity where everything seemed to be much better. Unfortunately after 2 years they began changing all kind of things that were again negative for me and for the people using / viewing the photos, so I needed to move on again although the site is still up and running for the moment…
After a search of several weeks I felt that Smugmug offered me the best option for showcasing the photos in the way I want, and also sharing the photos in a way I like! The standard designs you can choose from are already not bad, and you can adapt them to your own needs
Do not think that everything is perfect for me from the beginning. I do not like that people have to log in to be able to give comments on photos and in the guest book, but I understood that they are working on this point. Let’s see how things will work out, but my feeling is very positive!

When I look now to my site @ Ipernity and the site www.ruudschobbers.com then I can only conclude that it was worth the trouble.
Please check out the site for yourself, and if there are any comments / improvements possible according to you then please let me know!

I really look forward to your virtual visits!!

See you,


Ruud Schobbers

Ps.: Also interested in using smugmug for your photos? Use the following link to get 20% rebate in the first year on the standard price, and help me a little bit paying my bills: https://secure.smugmug.com/signup?Coupon=uretMWBSaxj1M

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